About Us

Mansour Logistics offers chartering, brokering, and agency services for the transportation of all types of cargo by sea.

Mansour Logistics operates in the field of port services alongside maritime transportation, handling loading and unloading operations of ships at ports using both shore and ship cranes, and providing port operation services to its customers. Additionally, Mansour Logistics ensures customer satisfaction by providing port services such as loading onto and unloading from transport vehicles, turning customer satisfaction into unconditional trust with professionalism and experience.

With our experience in the international transportation sector, we take pride in having an innovative, dynamic, dedicated, customer-focused, and professional team in our growing and continuously developing structure. Thanks to our strong network of agents worldwide, we can quickly provide solutions for special requests, problem identification, and process management, knowing countries, ports, and all agents worldwide firsthand. Thus, we are able to provide the most appropriate service with complete regulations by mastering the procedures of different countries.

To make a difference and maximize customer satisfaction, we establish effective communication, provide solutions, offer flawless service, and continue our path in the transportation sector with safe steps by advancing growth without compromising our corporate principles.

Primarily operating in Libya, the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, etc.), the Far East (China, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.), Europe (Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, etc.), America, Africa, Israel, Egypt, Algeria, and other countries worldwide, we wish to assist you in your exports to or imports from these countries.

We look forward to receiving your valuable requests for your import and export shipments and wish you success in your business.